Agioi Theodoroi or Thodorou

Agioi Theodoroi is located opposite the beach of Agia Marina in Chania, half a mile to the north.
It’s a beautiful small island for swimming. On the southern part of this little jewel and just above a huge cave, one can see the ruins of a Venetian castle built in 1537. While exploring the seabed and about 50 meters east of the southeastern coast of the island you can find the wreck of a German WWII plane (JU52) resting 4 meters underneath through the clear waters.
Thodorou has a rich history and many legends to tell us. Due to the rare fauna it hosts, it is declared a protected nature reserve and has become a breeding site for the Cretan wild goat “kri-kri”.



Lazaretta is a dazzling tiny island located opposite of Nea Chora, which is situated close to the old Town of Chania. In the 17th century was used by the Venetians as a leprosarium place of Chania. On the island, there’s a small sand beach, definitely a perfect place for a cool swim in the sparkly clear waters.



Maherida beach is located 14 km northeast of Chania and 1 km west of the village Chorafakia, very close to Tersanas. The bay faces southwest and is almost always calm. A stunning little beach with white sand and turquoise water is shaped in the center of the bay. The crystal waters make it an ideal place for swimming and relaxation.


Tersanas Beach

Tersanas is a small coastal village located 13km northeast of Chania city and hidden in a small cove on the west side of Cape Akrotiri. It is actually the harbor of the village Chorafakia, located just 1km to the north. The area is well-developed and is a popular destination for holidays.

The beach of Tersanas is shaped inside an enclosed natural harbor, which faces southwest. It is a sandy beach with white fine sand and shallow crystal-clear water, ideal for swimming and relaxation. 


Chrissi Akti Beach

Chrissi Akti means “golden beach” in Greek, and the beach stands true to its name, with its fine golden sand. It is at a distance of 2,5 km west of Chania city, right next to Agii Apostoli beach. There are two sandy beaches with clear and shallow waters which are separated by a small hill. The 500 m long beach is protected by the summer winds. It is organized, with sunbeds, parasols, changing room, and a lifeguard service.


Sunset cruise

A sunset cruise is a perfect conclusion for the day. A silky, smooth collusion of skyburst reds and yellows into the calm of night. Join us on this beautiful and relaxing trip. Let the sea set you free and enjoy the purple – pink colors as they embrace the Gulf of Chania.